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98% of men surveyed who bought VigRX Oil topical enhancer say they'd buy it again...

They buy it because VigRX Oil delivers an erection INSTANTLY – typically in less than a minute – achieved with powerful sexual herbals with a unique transdermal delivery system that offers:

  • INSTANT Arousal
  • Sexy Anticipation
  • Harder, More Rigid Erections
  • Spontaneous Passion
  • Better Penetration
  • More Endurance
  • Greater Enjoyment
  • Non-Sticky Application

Imagine centuries of ancient wisdom combined with 10+ years
of research on the best sexual nutrients instantly applied and put to work by your male anatomy.

You're about to discover what that feels like – and it feels amazing (literally), believe us – with desire, size, stamina and enjoyment you WON'T find with drugstore lubes!

VigRX Oil can instantly transform your sex life from so-so to very rewarding. We're not embellishing, customer feedback speaks for itself...

Real Survey Results From Men Using VigRX Oil!


91.67% of men enjoyed sexual intercourse after using VigRX Oil.


81.06% of men were able to penetrate their partner after using VigRX Oil.


80.77% of men were able to keep an erection during intercourse with VigRX Oil.


85.04% of men rated their level of sexual desire from HIGH to VERY HIGH with VigRX Oil.

VigRX Oil is a powerhouse of natural potency delivered straight to the male anatomy. It's a culmination of ancient sexual herbals and our modern understanding of male sexual performance and what makes it tick.

YOU are the one who benefits with this breakthrough, with these all-stars of natural ability in the bedroom delivered topically to your manhood, with:

No synthetics or chemicals here. VigRX Oil offers guys
maximum natural potency – quickly – without the harsh chemicals found in so many drugstore lubricants!

You're half the equation. She's the other - most couples find VigRX Oil helps intimacy more than typical drugstore lubes because it's gentle and all-natural.

VigRX Oil scintillates your privates, and hers too, yet it's unlikely to cause her problems because it's not sticky. There are no harsh chemicals in the formula and it's water-based.

That means VigRX Oil washes off easily once you're finished, so you're not left with a sticky residue.

It's safe for oral sex, too, if passion takes you there...

VigRX Oil reduces chafing and makes sex comfortable for BOTH of you. You'll have longer, more exciting passion – spontaneously and with comfort – and enjoy a greater closeness between you and your partner!

VigRX Oil by itself makes sex a thrilling experience, with instant passion, size, performance and enjoyment. But we'd prefer you to stay with VigRX Oil long-term because most clients find it's so much more enjoyable than chemical-heavy lubes – so we'll add these BONUS items on select packages:

FREE Gift #1: Semenax

Your orgasms with be longer and exceptionally more pleasurable with Semenax natural volume enhancer, which increases semen production.
That forces the orgasmic muscles to contract longer and faster, giving you a longer orgasm and enjoyment you need to experience! Semenax is yours FREE with select packages.

FREE Gift #2: Free Shipping

It's worth paying a little more for VigRX Oil topical enhancer than a drugstore lube because it's natural and has the VigRX name attached...
But we'll make it even MORE worth your while, with FREE Shipping to any address in the continental United States with select packages.

FREE Gift #3: $25 Gift Card For Natural Health Source

How adventurous are you? If you're serious about natural passion and excitement, we'll slip a little something extra in the box along with your order. That 'little something extra' is a $25 gift card you can use toward purchase of any product on Natural Health Source. It's good for any product on the site – may we recommend using VigRX Oil with VigRX Plus, so you'll have a very enjoyable boost to sex drive too?

Buy VigRX Oil knowing you've got 60 days to try the product and return for a full refund minus shipping and handling if it doesn't live up to your expectations. Try doing THAT with a drugstore lube after using it...Imagine the weird looks you'd get when you tried! We'll even let you keep the bonus items as our way of saying 'thanks for giving us a try'.

Why do we offer this? Because VigRX Oil might just be the best investment in passion you'll ever make, with natural arousal and enjoyment delivered topically, quickly, and with the best herbals for male potency delivered instantly to the male anatomy.

VigRX Oil brings passion, enjoyment and intimacy to sex. Hold us to it with a 60 day money-back guarantee. Choose your package below!

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